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Improving team happiness

Team events, expert coaching, personalization, accountability - and much more - FoxFit is a premium wellness consultant which enables employees to improve their physical, mental and social health.
Our Story

We founded FoxFit after years working in high-pressure environments which impacted on our happiness.

Stress and anxiety are becoming more and more common both in peoples' professional and personal lives. This is preventing people from achieving a happy work-life balance. Happiness is a state of being, not a destination. We aim to help people enjoy their lives in a sustainable way. 

Our Mission

FoxFit aims to increase the happiness of people by sustainably improving the health of the three FoxFit pillars: physical, mental and social health

Our Offering

FoxFit helps integrate improved lifestyle practices of your employees into their busy professional and personal lives. 

By better understanding your organizational wellness goals, we provide tailored wellness packages that aim to improve your teams' physical, mental and social health. Whether you're looking short classes, events and seminars or more structured, sustainable and fun team challenges, FoxFit can help improve the happiness of your teams.

Who are we
How it works

About FoxFit

FoxFit Three Pillars

The three pillars are the areas of health we believe to be so important to living a  happy life: Physical, Mental and Social Health. We offer a number of classes, events and seminars to organizations to help educate you on how to grow in these areas. Take a look below to see what interests you!
Physical Health

Mobility classes

Strength classes

Cardio classes

Nutrition seminars

Lifestyle seminars

Fitness for Females seminars

Body confidence seminars

Mental Health

Healthy habit seminars

Happiness seminars

Work/life balance seminars

Social Health

Social health seminars

Dating seminars

Team social events

Corporate team events

Charity fundraisers

Team Portrait

FoxFit Teams

Who doesn't like a bit of competition? Following the initial consultation, your company will begin the FoxFit Team Challenge.  We will form smaller groups of your employees who work together to achieve points for specific wellness targets each week. The goal of this is to improve the individuals' health and happiness in a collaborative environment while building team morale.

FoxFit Pro

FoxFit Pro enables you to build a wellness package that best suits your team through choosing different options within the three pillars of Physical, Mental and Social health

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FoxFit Premium

FoxFit Premium is a more extensive wellness package that's customized to your teams' needs over the course of a busy quarter drawing on the different options within the three pillars of Physical, Mental and Social health. Includes access to professional coaching. 


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Linda, Salesforce
Senior Account Executive, Toronto

I cannot recommend and thank the FoxFit team enough for all their support ... in the CIBC Run for the Cure as a Salesforce Toronto hub on October 3rd, 2021. From our initial interactions, they were professional, supportive and extremely creative with lots of ideas on how we could make the event even more successful and heighten awareness. On the day itself, Eoghan and Phil ... left a lasting impression across the group about the importance of mental health... Their passion for what they do is infectious and despite the grey day we had for our 5k run, our team couldn't help but smile. Eoghan and Phil were encouraging throughout, starting with a fun warm-up... and even ran alongside us to keep the momentum going. Being a competitive sales team, FoxFit were sure to up the stakes with some additional challenges to round out the event supported by some awesome prizes! Thanks so much, looking forward to working together again. Keep up the awesome work on spreading health & happiness to all, we need more people like you in the world! 

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